Sunday, June 21, 2009

Digital Portfolio

Here is the link for my digital portfolio. I plan on leaving it public for the next couple of days before closing it again.

Friday, June 19, 2009


My flickr name is skharp.... add me! Its great! Online photo album what else is needed in the world.

Plaxo And Linked In Experiences

I just finished creating my Plaxo account. It reminded me of when facebook first came out. Super basic, easy to navigate tabs and just a simple networking website. None of my friends appear to be on the site... it doesn't seem like it has picked up on having a huge number of members yet. In time :)

As far as LinkedIn goes I have had an account with virtually nothing in it for a while. I would like to continue to have it that way. There are tooo many people from work on there, and I would like to keep some distance from home and work. I feel like that relationship to being monitored/ accessible all the time needs to be a tad bit distant. That sounds pseudo bad but I need my space when not at work.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Library Thing

Library Thing is very easy to use, however, the design of the site is very basic to me. It looks and feels just like a developer created it and doesn't have much of a warm friendly feeling to the site. I wish you were able to add more than one book at a time after completing a search. However, the searches were quick and easy to use so I can't say it is a huge complaint more of a usability request. It is very nice to be able to tag, and have access to others catalogs with similar tastes. It is especially helpful when looking for a genre of books.

Image Generators

Image Generators were quite fun to play with! I had not ever really taken a look at them before. In fact I probably spent more time than deemed necessary to complete the assignment playing with them. I was disappointed when I was unable to save my lego woman. I even tried to print it so I could create two and paste them on the refrigerator just for kicks and giggles. I posted a couple of the images earlier this morning on the blog. And I will most likely play with them again later this afternoon. The nice things about the image generators are simply the fact that it is similar to some of the features you can do with Abode Indesign without having to paying for it. Generators are great tools to be able to create images for presentations, websites, etc which we all have visit or have to complete on just about a daily basis.

Billboard Fun!

Image One

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I just finished up playing on Podcast. I can't say that I have ever been to that particular site before. I was trying to find fitness videos for pregnancy. I'm not sure if I was searching incorrectly or there weren't too many posted or if it was a combination of the two. I did, however, find some videos for after I have the babies... hopefully at least 3 more months, so I added them to my queue. It may be a bit premature but I figured heck why not, its already done:) I did think it was a bit more challenging searching for videos than youtube, myself.

You Tube, How I've Missed You

It was nice to have an assignment on visiting YouTube. While in undergrad I spent numerous days watching YouTube videos rather than completing my homework which I needed to finish. It has been a while since I have had time to leisurely browse videos. Today, I was looking at Fit Pregancy videos, how to put together cribs, and did a general search for funny videos. I looked up these videos because later today, I have to put toget some cribs... and lets just say I hate reading the directions... especially since you can watch it. I also need to work out this afternoon and I don't feel like going to the gym. Not only can YouTube be Resourceful(with any site you have to be careful) but it can be very entertaining.

Below is one of my favorite youtube videos:

I really think it is amazing that you can see lectures, especially so famous ones. The "Last Lecture" is an amazing lecture if you have time to watch it.


1. Take a look at Technorati and try doing a keyword search for "Kinesiology" in Blog posts, in tags and in the Blog Directory. Are the results different?
"Kinesiology" search in Technorati yielded different results in Posts, Blogs, Photos, and Videos. Each section had relevance to the subject matter( or the few I quickly browsed) I also noticed that many of the blogs, videos etc mentioned nueroscience in the blogs.

I was surprised to find a blog regarding charging your cell phone while walking. I thought that was pretty interesting. I don't know how I would feel about walking around with a knee brace on to charge my phone, but the idea behind it is really interesting. It reminded me of wearing a heart rate mointer in a way since the one I own requires you to were a little band around your chest. I'm not quite sure how I correlated the two together but I did. :)

I think has the potential to be a great tool if used properly. If using it for work, or teaching I think it is really important to keep your personal sites separate. Also, if you are using it for teaching purposes, getting exam questions or homework problems it might be a bit of challenge since it is a public site. Students as well as other professionals have access to the web, and your created site. A student could easily complete a google search and has the possibility to running in to your potential exam questions. is a great research tool. A user has the ability to organize valuable sites for their current research topic, past and feature projects. Also, a user has the ability to search for other users completing similiar research and the ability to review the sites that they find valuable. has the potential to become a research social networking site.

Right now, I'm currently using as a bookmarking site. I have started using to organize my daily website visits.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Standout Jobs

I had never even heard of standout jobs... it was nice to see a site to win off the normal track. It was easy to use and well laid out(or for my personal preferences it was) It is a recruiting site for companies and it appears to be slightly more selective in posts, clients, etc than or career builder. There is both an area for recruiters and job seekers.


It was odd to see so many of the sites that we use on a daily basis to win awards. I was amazed that there were so many social networking sites listed. There were bookmarking sites that I had never seen or used before.

I love Craigslist! It was awesome to see it listed along with Facebook, Myspace, GoogleDocs! I'm going to bookmark the so I can visit some more of the sites that I didn't recognize or didn't recognize. :)
I'm a blogging machine today... Google Docs are awesome! We actually currently use the spreadsheet functionality and we used the docs when planning our wedding planning.

Spreadsheets are used for clients listing, developing of their families, and account numbers.

For personal training- contracts, training plans are produced for word documents. Spreadsheets are a great way to track work-out progress.

For wedding planning we used them to sign contracts, and guest lists.

Also, it is great to open documents on the web without having to download the documents if you are briefly reading a document.

Blog Lines Public Site

Finally Back and Life is Calm before the storm...

We just returned back from the Bahamas for our honeymoon after a whirl wind week of wedding preparations and the wedding.... AHHH! It is finally over so much build up and we see the pictures to see how everything really turned out. I was happy to see it come and go and I wished that I would have been able to talk to more guests. The ceremony and reception only lasted a total of four hours and we pushed away from the dock a bit early. I'm glad we spent the extra money on some of the small things and saved in other places. The flowers turned out amazing! The should have for the price I guess. We had a lovely time in the Bahamas and were sad to come back up to Washington even though it is actually a nice day out.

Now back to the daily grind. The lack of internet all week... yes all week was rough trying to get any homework done or at all for that matter. SO now it is time to hit the books.

I just completed the bloglines assignment for 710. It wasn't too bad after I had verified my account. Initially, I was unable to figure out why I couldn'tsubscribe to any sites. Then a little pop-up gave it away...Thank goodness! Once I logged back in it was game on:) I subscribed to our class site,,, and a few more totaling roughly ten or so sites.

I'm going to resave and update my podcast from last week seeing as I could check my e-mail to see that it was saved properly and finish up this weeks assignments :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Master Program

This was the first week of the Masters Program at FPU. I wasn't nearly as prepared as I had initially hoped. Work and Jb's school and functions hindered my ability to log on and completed everything that I hoped until the last minute......GRRR... hopefully next week will be a bit better as I have a couple days off before the wedding and heading to the Bahamas. Life is crazy busy right now.