Monday, June 20, 2011

Facebook Note

Some days, I feel like I should write a blog, my days would be funny, even comical to most, but it is my daily life. If I was a great writer, or even a good writer I am sure I could sponsors ;)

My day began as every morning, rise around 5:30 to screaming babies ready for breakfast. Naturally we wondered downstairs stumbling over toys, clothes and everything else the boys decided to drag out. Cheerios and orange slices were served only to be thrown all over the kitchen. Coffee was shortly splattered all over the couch, dogs and babies. Oh thats right I tripped carrying my cup from the kitchen to the living room to start reading the boys a book... mind you I tripped because Ben was sitting on my feet holding on for dear life. Two whiney babies by 8am and a mom without coffee. I needed to go to the mall to finally try on a dresses. Jameson was ready without problems. Ben of course refused to wear anything but a sandal and church shoe. He is going through a phase of having to pick out his own shoes. ( I think he got his shoe fetish from his mom). Finally, I gave in and headed to the mall, with the boys in tow mismatching shoes in all. Now if you think mirrors make you feel like crapt wait till you try to bring two kids into the dressing rooms with you. Why yes they point out every flaw, and giggle about it. Not Cool I tell you. Not to mention trying to change clothes with a double stroller in the dressing room. Then came the metdown at Panera... yep the whole restaurant knew we were there. Luckily enough, Jameson was clever enough to take the lid off the water and pour it on me. Thats right, I got to walk out of Panera Bread looking like peed my pants. Totally awesome I know, only to get stuck going out the door. We made it home for naptime... ahh the peace. Then it was off to swim lessons. I battled two babies in the dressing room and made it into the pool five minutes late. Swimming was successful even for holding two babies in the water. THEN THE MAJOR DRESSING ROOM DEBACLE began... Jameson pooped in his little swimmer champion style. Nasty is an understatement, not to mention it got all over the locker room. As I was cleaning it up Thank God for baby wipes and disinfectant spray. However, I wasn't fast enough, my little naked boy flung open the door... he can open flip handles and went streaking right into the men's locker room. I was chasing him down the hallaway right into the men's locker room. Awkard, naked baby and baby mama in the men's locker room. I snuck out as fast as possible. I mean really, why do they stick the family locker rooms right next to the men's can't it be next to the women's? I think I will be scarred for life and I'm sure those men will be too. I guess Jameson thought he was big boy. (Ben was climbing up the stroller when the both of us returned) The car ride home could have gone better. Ben discovered how to unbuckle the top part of his carseat. He was so proud of himself, and didn't quite understand why I was saying no no no. So naturally he had to giggle and clap. Dinner, and the itsy bitsy spider and bed. I love my boys and everything they teach me: mad pooping skills, peeing pants, streaking, and wearing mismatching shoes is awesome.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Digital Portfolio

Here is the link for my digital portfolio. I plan on leaving it public for the next couple of days before closing it again.

Friday, June 19, 2009


My flickr name is skharp.... add me! Its great! Online photo album what else is needed in the world.

Plaxo And Linked In Experiences

I just finished creating my Plaxo account. It reminded me of when facebook first came out. Super basic, easy to navigate tabs and just a simple networking website. None of my friends appear to be on the site... it doesn't seem like it has picked up on having a huge number of members yet. In time :)

As far as LinkedIn goes I have had an account with virtually nothing in it for a while. I would like to continue to have it that way. There are tooo many people from work on there, and I would like to keep some distance from home and work. I feel like that relationship to being monitored/ accessible all the time needs to be a tad bit distant. That sounds pseudo bad but I need my space when not at work.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Library Thing

Library Thing is very easy to use, however, the design of the site is very basic to me. It looks and feels just like a developer created it and doesn't have much of a warm friendly feeling to the site. I wish you were able to add more than one book at a time after completing a search. However, the searches were quick and easy to use so I can't say it is a huge complaint more of a usability request. It is very nice to be able to tag, and have access to others catalogs with similar tastes. It is especially helpful when looking for a genre of books.

Image Generators

Image Generators were quite fun to play with! I had not ever really taken a look at them before. In fact I probably spent more time than deemed necessary to complete the assignment playing with them. I was disappointed when I was unable to save my lego woman. I even tried to print it so I could create two and paste them on the refrigerator just for kicks and giggles. I posted a couple of the images earlier this morning on the blog. And I will most likely play with them again later this afternoon. The nice things about the image generators are simply the fact that it is similar to some of the features you can do with Abode Indesign without having to paying for it. Generators are great tools to be able to create images for presentations, websites, etc which we all have visit or have to complete on just about a daily basis.

Billboard Fun!