Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finally Back and Life is Calm before the storm...

We just returned back from the Bahamas for our honeymoon after a whirl wind week of wedding preparations and the wedding.... AHHH! It is finally over so much build up and we see the pictures to see how everything really turned out. I was happy to see it come and go and I wished that I would have been able to talk to more guests. The ceremony and reception only lasted a total of four hours and we pushed away from the dock a bit early. I'm glad we spent the extra money on some of the small things and saved in other places. The flowers turned out amazing! The should have for the price I guess. We had a lovely time in the Bahamas and were sad to come back up to Washington even though it is actually a nice day out.

Now back to the daily grind. The lack of internet all week... yes all week was rough trying to get any homework done or at all for that matter. SO now it is time to hit the books.

I just completed the bloglines assignment for 710. It wasn't too bad after I had verified my account. Initially, I was unable to figure out why I couldn'tsubscribe to any sites. Then a little pop-up gave it away...Thank goodness! Once I logged back in it was game on:) I subscribed to our class site,,, and a few more totaling roughly ten or so sites.

I'm going to resave and update my podcast from last week seeing as I could check my e-mail to see that it was saved properly and finish up this weeks assignments :)

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