Sunday, June 7, 2009


1. Take a look at Technorati and try doing a keyword search for "Kinesiology" in Blog posts, in tags and in the Blog Directory. Are the results different?
"Kinesiology" search in Technorati yielded different results in Posts, Blogs, Photos, and Videos. Each section had relevance to the subject matter( or the few I quickly browsed) I also noticed that many of the blogs, videos etc mentioned nueroscience in the blogs.

I was surprised to find a blog regarding charging your cell phone while walking. I thought that was pretty interesting. I don't know how I would feel about walking around with a knee brace on to charge my phone, but the idea behind it is really interesting. It reminded me of wearing a heart rate mointer in a way since the one I own requires you to were a little band around your chest. I'm not quite sure how I correlated the two together but I did. :)

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