Sunday, June 7, 2009

I think has the potential to be a great tool if used properly. If using it for work, or teaching I think it is really important to keep your personal sites separate. Also, if you are using it for teaching purposes, getting exam questions or homework problems it might be a bit of challenge since it is a public site. Students as well as other professionals have access to the web, and your created site. A student could easily complete a google search and has the possibility to running in to your potential exam questions. is a great research tool. A user has the ability to organize valuable sites for their current research topic, past and feature projects. Also, a user has the ability to search for other users completing similiar research and the ability to review the sites that they find valuable. has the potential to become a research social networking site.

Right now, I'm currently using as a bookmarking site. I have started using to organize my daily website visits.

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